By Amanda Wicks

For every song that makes it on an album there are usually at least a few others that get left behind. Some might surface down the road, as one of Beyoncé’s did when her producer Boots realized an Instagram video he was trying to shoot driving around New York today (August 9) contained an unreleased Bey song playing in the background. He wasn’t playing the song in the car, but on his iPhone and didn’t realize that the video would pick it up.

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Boots owned up to his mistake on Twitter in a now deleted tweet. “that moment when u didn’t realize Instagram records audio from your phone even though the camera app doesn’t,” he says on Twitter. “accidents in the 21st century,” he wrote (via Idolator).

Boots produced Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled album. It’s unclear whether the song playing on his iPhone is something new he’s working on with the singer or a track from their project together that never saw the light of day. Even though the video no longer appears to exist on any of his social media accounts, a clever Bey fan got to it before it disappeared forever. Listen to the brief snippet below.


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