By: Eric Donnelly

Kim Kardashian-West is not making some people happy with her response to the question if she is a feminist or not.

During her keynote interview at the BlogHer 2016 conference, reported by Mashable, she was asked about this topic. “Everyone always asks, are you a feminist…and I don’t think that I am.”

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She went on to explain where she stands on the issue. “I just think I do what makes me happy, and I want women to be confident and I’m just so supportive of women, but I’m not the free-the-nipple type of girl” This answer didn’t seem to sit well with many people in the blogging world. “Sarah Jessica Parker, Marion Cotillard, Lady Gaga and many, many other women have said they’re not feminists while simultaneously embracing platforms of gender equality.”

Regardless of her stance, she’s gone out and proven how strong a woman can be in the business world.


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