Mr. Burns needs an all-star rap team? We've got it covered.

By Amanda Wicks

The Simpsons will be celebrating its 600th episode this fall with a 60 minute episode dedicated to hip-hop. In the episode, titled “The Great Phatsby,” Mr. Burns teams up with a posse of all-star rappers to get revenge on the hip-hop mogul named Jay G. who crossed him many years ago.

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Although no rappers have yet been announced as part of the project, we couldn’t help thinking of five names we’d like to see on Yung Monte’s squad.

Chance the Rapper

Chance’s latest LP Coloring Book burst on the scene this year, and showed off a more mature side to the 23 year old rapper who integrated a strong spiritual vibe in between slick raps. As the youngest name on this list, and a rapper doing things differently, Chance would be a welcome addition for the show’s younger audience members and characters. Just imagine him cutting up with Bart.

Nicki Minaj

Although she might clash with another name on this list (cough cough Drake), we think Minaj would do a bang up job as the female rapper tapped to keep the guys in check. There’s no doubt that she’s got serious skills as a rapper, but add to that her blonde hair and New York accent and Minaj could easily make the transformation from real life person to recognizable cartoon character.

Kanye West

Kanye has worked with every single name on this list in some capacity or another, so it seems only right to throw him in the mix. Collaborations are just more fun that way. He’d likely be a more egotistical voice on the rap team, but we think he’d give the equally big-headed Mr. Burns an interesting counterpoint.


Drake’s music (but not the man himself) has already gotten The Simpsons treatment, so it seems like a natural next step to have him participate in this special episode. Thanks to his background on Degrassi Junior High and his appearances on Saturday Night Live, fans know he can act and has a strong comedic sensibility. It’s time to put his many talents to use on the popular cartoon.

Snoop Dogg

This wouldn’t be a proper list without a rap legend taking part. There are so many names to choose from (and we’re hoping Jay Z gets tapped to play Jay G), but considering Snoop’s laid back demeanor, defining physical characteristics and the fact that he’s already been animated on The Cleveland Show, we could see him making a fun addition to the episode.

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