By Annie Reuter

Taylor Swift sure knows how to celebrate birthdays. The pop star was in The Hamptons over the weekend for supermodel friend Karlie Kloss’ 24th birthday when she joined Nelly on stage for a performance of the rapper’s 2002 hit “Dilemma.”

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During the appearance, Swift took over Kelly Rowland’s part of the song while Nelly rapped along.

It wasn’t the first time Swift and Nelly teamed up. He has taken the stage with Swift during several of her tours, including ¬†last year, when he joined her and Haim for the rapper’s hit “Hot In Herre.”

“She’s just a dope person,” Nelly told Rolling Stone.¬†“She ain’t got no ill wills or nothing like that, and that’s kind of hard when you come from where we come from. You rarely come across those type of people. It’s kind of like, Taylor Swift and my granny. Who doesn’t love both of those people?”

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