By Amanda Wicks

It seems that someone on the Starz drama Power forgot to teach 50 Cent a thing or two about blocking. The rapper was left exposed when he appeared on the show’s latest episode last night (August 7).

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Last night’s episode featured a graphic sex scene involving 50’s character Kanan. What 50 didn’t expect was that viewers could see, let’s just say, everything. He posted a picture posing with his aunt, captioning it, “My Auntie G money,  just called me and said man what the f— did i just watch she traumatized. She said she had to get up twice.”

She wasn’t the only one upset by the shot.

50 was none too happy with the show’s executive producer, Courtney Kemp Agboh. He tweeted accusations—that have since been deleted—alleging that the show put in the nudity at the last minute and earlier cuts hadn’t contained the graphic shot. “Don’t kiss my cheek, kiss my a–. This is not funny. Tell the people from STARZ stop calling my phone, you call now,” he wrote on Twitter (via PopCrush). On Instagram, Agboh retaliated, claiming 50 hadn’t just known about the shot, but that he’d signed a waiver. “Ghost must die and @50cent must lie because you knew what we were shooting during 404,” she wrote.

Check out 50’s post and the producer’s response below.


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