by Alisha Jackson

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid just moved in together, and the cute domestic photos of the couple have already begun.

Yesterday, Gigi showed off her new roomie’s cooking skills, by posting a photo of him frying chicken, with the caption “Yessss King”. You have to admit that this photo of Zayn cooking for his love is pretty darn cute.

#GigiHadidSnapchat @gigihadid @zayn

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So is this photo of Gigi’s brother sleeping over.

#GigiHadidSnapchat @gigihadid @anwarhadid

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But back to the photo of Zayn — or Zayn’s arm. Because that’s what drew his fans’ attention. Not the fried chicken. Or the emoji chicken. Or the fact that Zayn was cooking. Zayn’s right arm is everyone cared about, specifically the ink featured on it.

You’ve probably seen Zayn’s tattoo of his ex-girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. If not, you can see the tattoo of her sporting a peace sign shirt and a hat om his right arm in the photo below.

Chillin with the fam

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Fast-forward to yesterday, and it appears as though the tattoo has been covered.

#GigiHadidSnapchat @gigihadid @zayn

A post shared by Gigi Hadid Snapchat Updates (@gigihadidsnapchat) on

It’s hard to get a good look at what he replaced Perrie with, but we’re sure shirtless photos of Zayn will be making their way to his Instagram soon.


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