By: Eric Donnelly

Sasha Obama may be the president’s daughter but that’s not keeping her from getting a normal summer job.

The littlest Obama is working the take-out window at Nancy’s on Martha’s Vineyard, where they vacation frequently. Nancy’s is a seafood restaurant located right near the iconic Flying Horses carousel.

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“Sasha, who’s using her full name of Natasha at Nancy’s, has been learning the ropes of the service industry at the Oak Bluffs eatery this week, working a cash register, busing tables and prepping the restaurant before it opens for lunch.”

People were confused as to why there were six people helping her — they later found out she has six secret service agents around her at all times. “‘We generally don’t include the girls,’ first lady Michelle Obama told Entertainment Tonight at the time. ‘We tried to normalize their lives as much as possible.’

Maybe she lives in a normal house on the Vineyard too?


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