The rapper appears on the upcoming third season.

By Amanda Wicks

The drama between Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha over their four-month-old daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell will make its way to reality TV this fall. Both will appear on the third season of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood.

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When Kalysha announced her pregnancy in 2015 and claimed Fetty as the father, it seemed like news to him. In the show’s trailer, which follows Fetty and Kalysha while she’s still pregnant, she questions going to court over her baby. “I was in a relationship with a rapper,” she says in the trailer. “Everything was amazing and then I got pregnant. He decided to pretty much deny that this is his child.”

Fetty later changed his tune and both welcomed their daughter into the world in early 2016, but they’ve continued to spar online (via XXL Mag). In late June, Kalysha got mad at Fetty for posting a picture of their daughter. The couple had reportedly agreed to keep their daughter out of the spotlight during the first three months of her life. Kalysha  also questioned his commitment as a father, claiming he hadn’t visited  child like he said he would.

Ray J and his fiancee Princess Love also appear on the new season, as the two get ready to wed. Watch the trailer in which Fetty and Kalysha appear at the 3:35 mark.

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