By: Eric Donnelly

Looks like frat bros are dumber than we thought.

According to TMZ, “a frat bro who thought he’d scored Tyga to headline a party, says he ended up losing a ton of cash … and now cops are trying to track down a suspect.”

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The frat bro struck the deal back in February and wired the money in advance, which sounds like a terrible idea. “Tyga was a no-show at the party. The frat member says when he demanded a full refund … the suspect went radio silent.” They high-key got scammed big time. After the LAPD hired a P.I. they tracked down the suspect who is already being sued for $15,000 for doing the same thing to someone else.

Tyga dated (and is still dating?) Kylie Jenner, so let’s be real that appearance fee should be way higher than $13,500.


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