Will Smith: No More Fresh Prince!
Will Smith was doing press for Suicide Squad and when asked if he would ever do a Fresh Prince reboot, he made it pretty clear: hell no. In fact, he said “When hell freezes over… we’re going to leave that one alone.”

Zac Efron: Social Media Made me Crazy
Zac Efron opened up about social media, saying he doesn’t have access to it because he can’t handle it. He said “I’d read 30 positive things and one bad thing, then I’d harbor that bad thing. It drove me crazy.” He is also taking his cues from The Rock, who said is such a good guy and is making such an impact beyond just movies that he could run for president.

Gisele to be Robbed at the Olympics
It was just revealed that Gisele will be robbed while walking the runway in the Olympic opening ceremonies this Friday. They will apparently be highlighting both the good and the bad of their country, and while strutting her stuff, Gisele will be fake-robbed by someone, chased around the stadium and eventually caught by police to show that good triumphs over evil. You can catch it this Friday at 7p on NBC.

Britney Spears Forgets she Met Taylor Swift
Britney Spears was asked who she would rather take a 24-hour flight to Australia with, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Her answer was Taylor, simply because she hasn’t met her before… but TMZ called her out and confirmed that she’s met Taylor not once, but twice before.

Selena & Justin Each Record the Same Song
Selena Gomez teased a version of her song Let Me Love You.. the same song that Justin Bieber did with DJ Snake… and of course, fans were freaking out, thinking they were collaborating together. It appears as though they each just recorded their own versions separately… but boy does everyone love the drama!

Bieber Confronts Fan who Waited 12 Hours
A fan waited outside of Justin Bieber’s house for 12 hours on her 18th birthday just to meet him… and his people ended up calling the cops. Because she was on a public street, they couldn’t do anything, but when Justin finally came home that night and cops were talking to her, he came over to wish her a happy birthday. He did make it clear though – no photos!

Jared Leto Gifts Jimmy Fallon a SNAKE!
So you know how Jared Leto gave his cast members weird gifts while filming for Suicide Squad, like rats and a dead pig? Well he brought a gift for Jimmy Fallon last night…

Kanye + Drake Doing Album Collaboration
Kanye West and Drake announced last night that they are making a collaborative album – which is getting a lot of people think that it’s a business move simply to get Apple to buy Tidal like I mentioned yesterday. Drake is exclusive to Apple and Kanye is exclusive to Tidal.

Tom & Gisele’s $20M NYC Apartment
Tom and Gisele have reportedly bought a huge apartment in Manhattan for a mere $20M… it’s overlooking the Hudson River in an area called Tribeca , which is the same area where his ex Bridget Moynahan lives with their son Jack. The 5,000 square-foot apartment will be their new home in NY since they’re going to be dumping the existing apartment they own there – and it’s got a terrace, shared cycling and yoga studios, a pool and a squash court.

Bieber Taunts Taylor Swift
Burrrrrn. (??)

Taylor swift what up

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Amy Winhouse Foundation for Women
A foundation started to honor Amy Winehouse has now opened a women’s-only addiction recovery center in London. Individual apartments that can house up to 16 people will allow women to complete a 3-month program and help them stay sober and readjust into society.

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