By: Eric Donnelly

The emoji family has gotten bigger and more improved!

With the release of iOS10, Apple has made some major upgrades not only to the operating system, but also with their iconic array of emojis. TechCrunch broke down what we get to see with this new update.

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First off, there will be more gender diversity in the sport emojis, such as a male / female rowers, weightlifters, swimmers, and runners. The classic dancing duo now has an option for two girls and two guys. The haircut now has a male and female option with its completely re-designed look — more detailing on the overall appearance, which gives it a realistic look.

When it comes to families, this update is more inclusive as it has options for a variety of different family structures. A big change is that we’re losing the pistol emoji…they’re changing it for a toy gun!! On top of every other flag, the pride flag has finally made the cut.

Click here to check out the new emojis on TechCrunch!


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