Bourne Comes in First
Jason Bourne was number one at the box office this weekend, bringing in $60M… Star Trek Beyond dropped to a distant second with $24M and rounding out third place is Bad Moms with $23M.

Edelman & Baby Mama Doing OK
TMZ is claiming that Julian Edelman has reportedly been in contact with the woman who claims she is carrying his child, and they’ve spoken about child support. She apparently plans to move here from LA so it’s easier for Julian to see the child, and TMZ claims she is being very reasonable about her child support requests.

Jon Stewart Back on HBO by Election, Maybe!
Jon Stewart could be back on our TVs by the time the election hits… HBO strongly hinted that his upcoming animated parody show could be back by September or October. YES.

Timberlake Urges Acceptance in Speech
Justin Timberlake won the Decade Award at the Teen Choice Awards, gave a pretty solid acceptance speech and this was one of my favorite parts.

JK Rowling is DONE with Harry Potter
JK Rowling has announced that she is done with Harry Potter now that the Cursed Child is done. The play just opened in London’s West End, and the book form of the play was released on the 31st.

Crazy Fan Theory: Beyonce Kept Sia Hostage
There’s a very ridiculous theory in Brazil that Beyonce has kidnapped Sia and is making her write songs for her. It all started when Sia told a publication that Beyonce collaborations feel like a writing camp… and people have been decoding Sia’s tweets ever since, like one of her latest ones where she wrote “Hope Everyone Likes Pancakes” – in which people believe she is writing HELP. (HAHAHAHA YEAH OK)

Josh Groban & Kat Dennings Break Up
Josh Groban and his girlfriend Kat Dennings of Two Broke Girls have broken up after dating for almost two years. According to sources, it was a mutual breakup. (SERIOUSLY I LOVE THEM THIS MAKES ME SO SAD.)

Kanye West Implores Apple to Buy Tidal ASAP
Kanye West took to Twitter to implore Apple to buy Tidal ASAP. He is tired of people not being able to access everything they want, saying “Let the kids have the music.” He implored Jay Z, Jimmy Iovine and others across the lines to get in a room together to make it happen.

harry o
No clue where the guy is but I definitely spotted him on my flight from Chicago back to Boston yesterday!

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