Selena Gomez called into the TJ Show to chat about everything from her birthday and friendships to the Selenator Army and Amy Schumer.

While Selena loves her Selenator Army, the rivalry between her fan army and other fan armies can make her feel uncomfortable:

“It makes me a little uncomfortable only because, you know, I never, like, made sure I Instagram it or something where I’m like ‘everybody vote!’ … I think their passion is incredible, but everybody has fans and I don’t want it to start, you know, making other people feel like you can’t be a fan of everybody.”

And if you ask us, Selena’s hotness scale number (1-10) is way higher than she thinks:

“I would say, like, [on] a premiere day, I would be a good nine. And then on my every day I feel like a 6. Gosh that sounds so bad. I feel like a 6 or a 7.”

Also, if you’re wondering how Selena feels about the whole Hollywood thing, she’s not a fan:

“My roommates that I live with are not in the business, one is a realtor and the other works for a nonprofit, and so I think when I’m in social settings, and I’m with my friends, and everybody treats them differently, it’s very uncomfortable cause they’re my best friends… when at dinner and people will come up will say something and maybe I’ve never even met them before but they just won’t treat – even waiters are people – they won’t treat my friends the same.”

And if you watch Amy Schumer, Selena will be on the show soon if she has her way!

“I am trying to finagle my way onto her TV show, so, maybe that’s how I’ll find a way to work with her and be around her… I’m a huge fan. I think she’s amazing.”

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