Loren’s Badass Chick: Musician Shea Rose

This week’s Badass Chick is local musician Shea Rose. Not only is she wildly talented and incredibly gorgeous, but she’s a smart, giving person who spends her time contributing to the community.

A 2011 graduate of Berklee College of Music, Shea has been nominated for – and won! – countless awards. She was even a collaborator on a Grammy-winning album, and Queen Latifah and Cover Girl named her America’s next generation of female talent in a music campaign they were doing.

While she’s trying to build her brand as an artist, she also takes the time to give back to the community by empowering young girls to find their voices, believe in themselves and stand by who they are. She works with Safer is S.E.X.Y., which encourages women to take control of their sex lives and make smart decisions. Shea took it one step further and recorded a song, Give, and 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Safer is S.E.X.Y.

Shea is always around Boston doing performances or giving motivational speeches (she recently did a TED Talk!), and you can check out where she’ll be next by visiting her web site. Check her out on December 17th with Safer is S.E.X.Y. for World AIDS Volunteer Appreciation Day and watch her perform at Brighton Music Hall in January for their Ladies of Boston Rock concert.

Shea is a Badass Chick for using her talents and passion to give back and empower young women!

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