Loren’s Badass Chick: Kaylan Kuck

This week’s Badass Chick is Kaylan Kuck, who lost her daughter Kyara in a car accident two years ago and is raising money to provide ski lessons for children in memory of Kyara.

Two years ago, Kaylan was battling a drug addiction and was 6 days sober when her sister, boyfriend and daughter were in a car accident. Her sister survived, while her boyfriend died instantly and her daughter died a few weeks later. At that point, she realized that she had a choice: to live, or to surrender to her addiction. She chose to live.

Kaylan spent months getting her life back together. She was homeless three times, had no car and lost her job. But she knew she had a bigger purpose in life, so she kept pushing and is now sober and working at a rehab center for mothers and pregnant women looking to get their lives back on track. Kaylan is determined to carry on her daughter’s legacy, so she started the Kyara Ava Snow Angel Trust last year to provide children the opportunity to snowboard at Pat’s Peak, Kyara’s favorite mountain. Last year, she sponsored four kids. This year, she’s upped her goal to forty!

Kaylan is a Badass Chick for finding the light in a very terrible situation and not only for for overcoming such a hardship, but for making it her life’s mission to help others get their lives together.

Join Kaylan, her friends and family tomorrow at Pats Peak from 7p-midnight for a Kyara Ava Snow Angel Trust fundraiser!

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