Loren’s Badass Chick: Sarah Wade

This week’s Badass Chick is Sarah Wade, the executive chef of Lulu’s Allston. Sarah is originally from Oklahoma and was studying at Oklahoma State University when she stumbled upon her dream: becoming a chef.

Originally having intentions of opening a coffee shop, she was studying restaurant management and was working a catering event when she randomly discovered that she wanted to be a chef. Immediately, she began carving her path: she put her networking skills to use and made her way into a kitchen washing dishes. She worked her way up and hopped around the country as a chef… until landing here in Boston almost a year ago as the executive chef of her very own kitchen.

In her spare time, she volunteers at local schools through Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move to Schools where she teaches children how to eat healthy and make their own snacks. For now, Sarah loves that she can pour her heart and soul into her menu every day, and hopes to open her very own restaurant in the future. Sarah is a badass for following her passion and finding a way to give back to the community, too!

If YOU have a Badass Chick you want me to highlight, send me an email! Loren@1033ampradio.com

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