Alisha Jackson

“What a great to way to meet and be like ‘Yo, wassup! Yeah we got a number one song on iTunes!’” – Jessie J

Imagine this. Your new single just hit number one on iTunes and you haven’t even been properly introduced to the other two artists on your song yet.

That’s exactly what happened with Jessie J‘s new single Bang Bang, featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

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Jessie J explained the nontraditional recording process for Bang Bang by saying, “Sadly, it’s very rare to actually ever meet someone that you record a song with, because usually when you want someone that’s successful and great, they’re very rarey available, so we [Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj] actually meet for the first time in the morning. I fly to L.A. in about two hours to shoot the video tomorrow so, we have yet to meet. So what a great to way to meet and be like ‘Yo, wassup! Yeah we got a number one song on iTunes!'”

When TJ asked Jessie J how she would be interacting with Ariana and Nicki on set tomorrow, Jessie compared the relationships of famous people to those of dentists: “They don’t all roll together just ’cause they’re dentists. They might be completely different people, they just all like doing teeth.”

We really hope Jessie, Ari and Nicki get along, but Jessie said that it really depends on the vibe on set. She continued with, “I don’t force friendships with anyone just ’cause people are famous. If someone’s nice, I’ll be nice back and always be nice back.”

The 26 year-old pop star also dished with TJ and Loren about her personal life and how she longs to find a husband. When TJ asked Jessie how her search for a hubby was going, she said, “I would love to find a husband. All the girls on my team, we’re all just kind of coming to terms with the fact that we can’t even date, like Tinder’s not even an option. Because by the time we find someone in the area, we’ve got to leave.”

For more on Jessie J’s love life and what her life at home is like, listen to her full interview with The TJ Show above!

The TJ Show can be heard weekday mornings from 5:30am until 9:00am on Boston’s 103.3 AMP Radio. You can follow TJ and Loren on Twitter: @RadioTJ and @LorenRaye.



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