Alisha Jackson

Last night, at Avicii’s TD Garden #TRUETOUR show, dozens of concertgoers were taken to hospitals for alcohol and drug-related issues, according to CBS Boston.

The Boston Globe reports that Michael Bosse, deputy superintendent for Boston EMS, said that over 50 people were treated or evaluated on scene, and that 36 other patients were transported to hospitals.

Thankfully, there were no fatalities.

Last night was intended to be a special night for fans, as Avicii chose Boston as the location to kick off his North American leg of the #TRUETOUR.

Check out his pre-show tweet to his fans below:

After a scary, chaotic night lit by a mix of EDM lights and ambulances, Avicii sent out a concerned tweet to those who suffered at his TD Garden show:

UPDATE: A CBS Radio employee attended the show last night, and shared her eye-witness account with us this morning. Her night of fun ended about one hour after Avicii hit the stage.

Dramatic entrance:

“We got to the concert at 8:45, and as we arrived, right under the big glowing TD Garden sign, we were greeted by a girl lying on the concrete on her side. It looked like she had fallen off the building. At first, we thought there was a puddle of blood around her head, but it turns out that it was puke. Everyone surrounding her, including the security guards, were asking where her mom was.”

Weird fashion inside:

“There was a slew of neon knee-high socks, acid wash high waisted shorts and crop tops.”

Getting to her seat:

(CBS Radio) (CBS Radio)

“I was walking down the steps to get to my seat and a girl just wiped out and started puking everywhere.”


“We couldn’t even get a beer if we wanted to, because the alcohol stands closed at 9:00. We cut out early at 10:30 and there were already news reporters waiting outside to ask people about the show.”

When our insider hopped on the T to get home, she said that a lot of people were already leaving, after only one hour of Avicii’s set, because the people at the show were on a completely different level as them. She overheard some T-riders saying that they were looking forward to Lady Gaga‘s upcoming drama-free show.

Here’s what the TD Garden concertgoers and Boston onlookers were reporting in real-time during the distress:

We hope everyone is okay!



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