Loren’s Badass Chick: Cara Rose

For almost 30 years, Badass Chick Cara Rose has been busy raising her six kids – yup, six!- and has spent 24/7 as a full-time mom. After going through a divorce, she recognized just how hard it is to keep your life moving forward without an extra pair of hands, and that’s when she came up with the idea for The Help Boston, which is a lifestyle management company.

For years, Cara was fortunate enough to have helping hands while raising her children, one of whom has a disability which of course requires even more attention. Because she had help in doing the mundane, everyday tasks that we all get bogged down with (Hello, laundry! Hello, errands! Hello, cleaning!), she was able to focus on the things that matter: her children and her family. Cara even found time to get involved with philanthropies involving children, moms and education. The Help Boston was created because Cara wants to make it easier for women to focus on the important things in life. She and her team of women offer services from everything to party planning to organizing your home.

Cara has a really great attitude and works closely with other women-run businesses to further the Girl Power mantra (for example, if you need your bathroom painted, Cara will send a local painter who is a woman), and she always remember to give back by donating to The Second Step in Newton, which assists women of domestic violence.

Cara is my Badass Chick because she’s found a way to make a living out of something she’s passionate about: empowering women to spend more time with their families. Rock on!

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