Alisha Jackson

“You guys are so classic.” – Tony Oller of MKTO

If you missed the 2nd annual AMP Birthday Bash, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Especially when it comes to all things MKTO.

Let’s get you started with a quick background on Tony and Malcom: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About MKTO.

Up next, a review of AMP Birthday Bash, done by you – the listeners: AMP’s 2nd Annual Birthday Bash Reviewed By YOU!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

Vanessa is one lucky girl! She got to chat with MKTO backstage at the 2nd annual AMP Birthday Bash, where she confirmed that the boys are just as dreamy in person as they are on TV.

She started off the interview by praising the boys on how good they smell and on their Boston-centric style. Unfortunately we couldn’t capture their smell, but we’ve got plenty of pictures of the guys for you to check out here.

Did you know that MKTO loves Boston? When Vanessa asked them if they had been to Boston before, they said they’ve been here a couple times and Tony continued with, “It’s always good to just be able to go see Boston which has so much history and it’s beautiful, but also being able to play a show in a beautiful stadium like this [Gillette].”

The boys are stoked to be coming back to Boston on August 6th for The American Dream Tour, so Malcom can try pizza burgers and the boys can go on their first duck tour.

You can get your tickets for their show at the Paradise Rock Club here.

Did we mention that Vanessa convinced the boys that a duck tour involves swimming? Watch the video to see what she said, and for more details on their new single, “Classic”!



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