Alisha Jackson

Did your instagram picture make it into our top 20 picks from the 2nd annual AMP Birthday Bash? Find out here: Top 20 Instagram photos

If your photos didn’t make it, have no fear! Your youtube video could be on our list.

If you missed the performances yesterday, AMP’s listeners basically covered the whole show in video form, by posting some VIP videos to youtube.

We here at AMP also created a live backstage blog, where we pulled posts from:

– The AMP staff (DJ’s, digital department, basically anyone who had an ALL ACCESS pass)

– The AMP Birthday Bash artists (G.R.L., MKTO, Austin Mahone, Little Mix, Iggy Azalea)

– You, the listeners!

Although the show is over, the backstage blog will live on. Get a real feel for what happened step-by-step at the 2nd annual AMP Birthday Bash here: Backstage Blog.

And here are your top 10 youtube videos captured from the show. Find out if you made the list below:

1. MKTO performing “Thank You”, captured by JackieDS:

2. Austin Mahone performing “Shadow”, captured by JackieDS:

3. Little Mix performing “How Ya Doin'” a capella, captured by JackieDS:

4. Austin Mahone performing “Say You’re Just a Friend”, captured by Meagan Gray:

5. MKTO performing “You Could Be Mine”, captured by Amanda Dossas:

6. MKTO performing “Classic”, captured by khmerdanny6390:

7. Iggy Azalea performing “Fancy”, captured by khmerdanny6390:

8. Austin Mahone covering “All Of Me” by John Legend, captured by khmerdanny6390:

9. Little Mix performing “Salute”, captured by khmerdanny6390:

10. Iggy Azalea performing “Work”, captured by Stacy Elwell (on the jumbotron):



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