Alisha Jackson

“I would never go on stage without tights. I would die!” – Iggy Azalea

Yesterday, Iggy Azalea sat down with The TJ Show at 103.3 AMP Radio’s 2nd annual AMP Birthday Bash, and she discussed the topic of body image, specifically how people perceive her on stage.

TJ starts off the interview by asking Iggy about her butt and how she keeps it in such perfect shape.

Iggy then explains that sometimes she may appear more fancy on stage that she actually is in real life.

She humbly answered with, “I’m a performer and I wear 2 pairs of tights. Sometimes it’s slightly an optical illusion.”

She did give herself some credit, by saying “It is a lot of hard work and exercise and definitely keeping up with things.” But then she gave some “real talk” advice to girls by saying, “What you’re seeing on stage is always a combination of just naturally being fit and body makeup, tights and things like that the performers have to help them.”

She ended the question from a concerned, almost sister-like viewpoint, and finished with “I wouldn’t want any girl to compare themselves to an artist who’s come out on stage and sort of has like all the bells and whistles. I can’t walk down the street in a pair of short shorts and 2 pairs of tights. People would think I’m a crazy drag queen.”

We don’t think Iggy could ever look like a drag queen!

Here’s a picture of her sporting 2 pairs of tights at the AMP Birthday Bash:

(Alisha Jackson) (Alisha Jackson)

Do you think performers need all the “bells and whistles” on stage that Iggy talks about? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!



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