Loren’s Badass Chicks: Hollaback! Boston

This week’s Badass Chicks are the ladies behind Hollaback! Boston. It is an organization which works to put an end to street harassment. They’re not going to sit silently while people holler at them on the streets… they are hollering back! Hollaback! was initially created in NYC back in 2005, and has since become a global force. The Boston chapter of Hollaback! was created in 2011 by Britni de la Creta and Kate Ziegler. And, it was sort of created by chance!

Britni was perusing Facebook one day and saw Kate’s post about sexual harassment that she experienced while she was out running. Knowing full well that there wasn’t one female in her life who hadn’t experienced this same thing, Britni reached out to Kate and told her about Hollaback! By December of 2011, the Boston chapter was set up and these ladies have been working tirelessly to make our streets a more comfortable environment ever since.

Hollaback! has multiple platforms: they hold meetings where people can share and report their stories of harassment, and they also offer an online component where people can do that as well. They also do an event called Take Back the Bar, which is when the group gathers at a particular bar where someone had previously experienced harassment or felt uncomfortable. They don’t protest; they simply hang out and make the environment feel safe again. Hollaback! also provides resources for women and LGBTQ folks who want to report sexual harassment, but aren’t sure how to or don’t feel comfortable doing so.

International Anti-Street Harassment Week kicks off this Sunday with a bunch of events around town. To learn how to get involved this week, or to learn more about Hollaback! Boston in general, click here and here (FB).

If YOU have a Badass Chick you want me to highlight, email me! Loren@1033ampradio.com

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