By Matt Dolloff

Ever take a look around Boston and think we tech types need to take it down a notch with the selfies? You have some actual research to back that up!

TIME Magazine has released an epic interactive graph that ranks the world’s top 100 cities by selfies per capita. Boston is ranked 15th on the list…Just think about that. Only 14 cities on the entire planet Earth snap more selfies than Boston.

Courtesy TIME / Chris Wilson and Alexander Ho

Courtesy TIME / Chris Wilson and Alexander Ho

Manhattan, Miami, Anaheim, and San Francisco were the only U.S. cities that had more selfies per capita than Boston. Is this a problem? Or are we just more social media-savvy around here?

More cynical types have problems with selfies, but it’s really just a matter of personal preference. Some people like taking pics of themselves, others don’t see the point. Is it really hurting anyone that Boston takes so many selfies?

If anything we should just embrace our role as one of the selfie hubs of the world! What do you think?



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