Model/Teacher’s Aide Kaitlin Pearson To Tipster: Thank You!

Last week, teacher’s aide Kaitlin Pearson made international headlines after an anonymous package containing her modeling pictures was mailed to both her school and a local news outlet. She was temporarily placed on paid leave and finally reinstated in her school this week.

She’s actually quite grateful for whoever tipped off the school about her modelling career. “I really right now would just go up to them and shake their hand,” Kaitlin told TJ and Loren. “I couldn’t even pay for this.”

Kaitlin tells The TJ Show that her family is completely supportive of her modelling career, and remained so throughout the last week while she was suspended.

She says that at no point during this ordeal did she regret her choice of being a model. While she has aspirations of being a promotional model, she loves working with her kids in school, and plans on continuing her teaching career for the foreseeable future.

One thing is for sure, Kaitlin’s definitely gotten her share of publicity – from leading newscasts around the globe to acquiring thousands of new Instagram followers – and she’s quite thankful to the person who got the ball rolling.

“If it is the person I think it is, I’m just going to go in with a smile on my face and I’m going bring them cookies and be like: ‘Thank You!'” Kaitlin told the show.

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