After Ariana Grande’s performance and right before Sammy Adams took the stage, the two young stars were seen by members of the AMP Radio staff hitting it off backstage at the Birthday Bash!

It started after a select group of fans were exiting the Meet & Greet tent, when Ariana approached Sammy and asked, “Aren’t you a rapper?”

Sammy responded and the two exchanged pleasantries for about five minutes.

Sammy complimented Ariana for her amazing voice and singing ability, at one point saying, “When I heard the first performer I thought it was Mariah Carey for a second, then realized it was you.”

What a gentleman!

They then posed for a selfie, which Sammy posted to his Instagram with the caption, “Me and @arianagrande killing the game”

Me and @arianagrande killing the game

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It wasn’t long after that that Ariana introduced Sammy to her mother and exchanged phone numbers, as seen in the photo below:

(Photo Credit: Dan Mason/103.3 AMP Radio)

(Photo Credit: Dan Mason/103.3 AMP Radio)

Ariana Grande has been tied to another rapper recently – Mac Miller – even though they’ve both denied the romance. Grande has been dating entertainer Jai Brooks since August 2012.

But could a Sammy Adams/Ariana Grande collaboration be coming in the near future? If so, we’ll know how it all started…right here in Boston at the AMP Birthday Bash!

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