A very blue-haired Cher Lloyd stopped by the 103.3 AMP Radio studios earlier this week to chat with Joe Breezy about her new single, With Ur Love, the video, and her new blue hairdo.

“I just wanted a change. I was just looking a bit boring,” Cher explained her blue hair right away. “The first morning I woke up with it, I was freaked!”

Breezy wanted to know how she decided on dying her hair, was it after a crazy night in the clubs?

“I actually don’t go to clubs. I hate them!” Cher explained. “It smells like feet. A lot of feet. A lot of drunken persons around.”

VIDEO: Cher on Blue Hair and Clubs

Her new single, With Ur Love is rapidly gaining airplay on top 40 radio across the country, and the video that goes along with the single has also been released. We asked her what the driving force behind creating the video was.

“I’ve always wanted to be a witch. And I thought, how wonderful to take the opportunity to do it in a video,” Cher told Breezy. “You can get away with a lot of things shooting a video. You can just go mental!”

“Basically I sat down and thought, well the song is called With Ur Love, so the most obvious thing that a girl would do would create this lovey-dovey video with it all looking so pretty and about a boy,” Cher went on to explain. “I just thought it would be great to suck the life out of boys.”

Cher is currently on a promotional tour of North America.

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