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In a weekly series on, we examine the past week in life on the MBTA – and the many “lessons” we can learn from it.

Life is rarely normal for MBTA operations, but last week was especially unusual – in the wake of the epic blizzard that blasted New England with over two feet of snow, the T had to shut down operations for a few days. But the city apparently did some great work to get the MBTA back up and running, and there’s also the buses that sheltered people who had to evacuate their home due to a gas leak.

Of course, though, it’s not all good news for the T. A former employee was jailed for reckless behavior, which included firing a gun in a hotel room. Not exactly going to make us feel any better about the drivers and security guards T riders encounter on a daily basis.

In all the craziness that comes with relying on public transportation with the T, we learn a lot of crazy stuff. Here’s a bunch of undisputed facts about the MBTA that we learned last week.

They like to save money on electricity.

Babies can always be relied upon to make T riders smile…But they are still subjected to the same treatment as other passengers.

T riders don’t need anything.

The MBTA saw the blizzard as a great opportunity for riders to get some exercise and maybe get into a neat adventure.

The #1 cause of alcoholism in Boston? The T.

The T has three kinds of service: Limited, very limited, and nonexistent.

The MBTA doesn’t discriminate based on religion. Everyone’s mean.

Valentine’s Day is a pretty lonely time of the year for bus drivers.

Pigeons just chillin’ on T cars feels normal…Perhaps a little too normal.


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