#10 – Make Me Better

Rapper Fabolous teamed up with the always soulful Ne-Yo on “Make Me Better.” These two got shorty’s everywhere feeling like they make their men better.

#9 – No Air

Former American Idol Jordin Sparks teamed up with Chris Brown on the very catchy “No Air.” Breaking up is never easy but for Sparks and Brown apparently it constitutes death. How very Romeo & Juliet of them. Despite the dramatics this song makes everyone think of that special someone.

#8 – Step In The Name Of Love

R. Kelly hasn’t always been the epitome of a gentleman (i.e. the peeing incident). However, he is the epitome of a true Don Juan. With the voice of an angel and lyrics to boot, it’s no wonder R. Kelly has had so many hits. Do Kelly proud and pop a bottle of champagne with your lady friend on the 14th.

#7 – Nice & Slow

It’s not shocking that Usher made this countdown twice. This guy is a god when it comes to mastering the art of romantic music. This song makes the ladies swoon and men everywhere should thank Usher immensely for this ballad.

#6 – Rock The Boat

Aaliyah’s soulful and soothing voice made “Rock The Boat” an instant hit. Aaliyah passed away in 2001 but this song will forever remain as one of the best female R&B love ballads of all time. Make sure you rock the boat with your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

#5 – Already Taken

This romantic hip-hop song by artist Trey Songz was part of the Step Up 3D soundtrack. The lyrics depict a story of a guy in the hustle being changed by that one special lady. “Already Taken” has ladies singing this song and thinking of their changed man.

#4 – Just The Way You Are

Bruno Mars knows how to make the ladies feel… loved. “Just The Way You Are” makes women feel special and is the perfect love song for couples everywhere.

#3 – Dangerously In Love

The only thing dangerous about this Beyonce jam is how catchy it was and still is. When this song debuted 2003 fans couldn’t get enough of it.

#2 – My Boo

The master of slow and sexy love songs, Usher teamed up with superstar Alicia Keys in 2004 in order to release “My Boo.” This duet had couples everywhere using the pet-name ‘boo’ and single people wishing they could.

#1 – Let Me Love You

R&B artist Mario had everybody singing this love ballad in 2004. This song hit the radio only two years after his hit “Just a Friend” ruled the airwaves. Which makes me wonder why Mario was singing about swooning the ladies with a voice like that. Regardless of his dating life, this song will forever be one of the best love songs of the new millennium.

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