Justin Bieber VS One Direction

Justin Bieber is a hottie as we all know, but One Direction is getting hotter with their new song ‘Kiss You’. I notice lately I’ve been putting JB on the back burner and I’m falling in love with Mr. Harry Styles 😉 Do you feel the same or is Justin Bieber always going to be your #1.  What if you had to choose between One Direction and Justin Bieber? Would you pick 1D or The Biebs?? Whose hotter? Whose songs are better? Which concert would you choose? This isn’t easy and I am torn myself, but lets vote shall we?! Tweet @1033AmpRadio @corinnek103 and tell us, JB or 1D?


Amp Party Girl

My New Fav Song From One Direction:

My New Fav Song From Justin Bieber:


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