A$AP Rocky hit number one with his debut album, Long.Live.A$AP. But some critics, most notably Tyler, the Creator, had a problem with A$AP’s flashy hit single, “F–kin’ Problem,” which features Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, and Drake.

Shortly after Rocky released “F–kin’ Problems,” Tyler tweeted a not-so-subtle dig.

“So funny when someone releases a new song with the same four people that we expected to be on it with the same shitty ‘Trap’ beat…”

Despite the jabs thrown his way, A$AP bats away any suggestion of beef with the Odd Future frontman.

“He has his opinions and he’s entitled to them, so it’s whatever,” he told LifeAndTimes. “Hell no, I’m not tripping over what Tyler, The Creator said. I’m Jiggy.”

The Harlem rapper said he’s busy celebrating the success of his album, which debuted number after springing a leak a month before its on-sale date.

“My mom thought that the leak would affect the sales and if I’m honest, it did affect sales but how do you still manage to be number one?” he said. “It leaked over a month early too. That’s f–king crazy! It just goes to show people really f–k with ya boy out here. My mom downloaded the album illegally, by the way.”

-E. Parker, CBS Local

A$AP Rocky on AMP:


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