From the “Beyonce blackout” to Jacoby Jones’ 108-yard kick-off return, the Super Bowl offered lots of highlights on the field and stage. But Lil Wayne let the sparks fly before game day when a cameraman set off the YMCMB leader with a bump.

Wayne participated in the “DirecTV Celeb Beach Bowl” on Saturday (February 2) in his hometown of New Orleans, where he played in a game of flag football. He didn’t seemed fazed by his team’s loss but was pretty ticked off as a result of a bump from a cameraman.

In his post-game interview with E! News, Weezy lost his cool and decided to leave the building rather than deal with the authorities or return the shove he claimed he had received.

“One of these camera dudes just pushed me right now,” a visibly distraught Wayne explained. “I don’t like being touched by other people I don’t tell to touch me. So I’m gonna get out of the building, because if I touch someone, I go to jail because they are not the same color as me, so you know how that go.”

“To them, f–k you,” he said, before storming off and leaving behind another clip of an awkward Lil Wayne interview. [Check the video here]

In September 2012, a video taped deposition of Lil Wayne made the rounds, which showed the rapper playing the role of hostile witness. While he was on the stand, he refused to answer questions and antagonize the cross examiner. This time, he was not legally bound to answer questions and nobody was going to get in the way of his exit.

–Erik Parker, CBS Local

Lil Wayne on AMP:


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