Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

There are three main things people watch the Super Bowl for: the game, the halftime show, and the ads. If social media on Super Bowl Sunday is any indication, most of New England was more interested in the ads this year than the game.

We’ve put together the top 10 Super Bowl ads (in no particular order) from Super Bowl XLVII. We may add honorable mentions at the bottom of this post, if enough people think we missed any, so vote and comment below!

M&M’s – Love Ballad

The Red M&M is back listing all of the things he won’t be doing for love a la Meat Loaf, such as getting into a pinata, being pushed into an oven, or being covered with whipped cream. We can’t help but wonder, what happened to Yellow M&M?

Audi – Prom

There is absolutely no way any of our parents would have thrown us the keys to their luxury automobile to go to the prom, of all places. Still, driving an Audi apparently boosts your confidence enough to make a move on the prom queen.

Doritos – Goat 4 Sale

If you’re going to have a goat, you’d better have enough Doritos (150+ bags/day) to feed it… Otherwise there will be pain… Lots of pain… Don’t hold out on the goat, that will only make it angrier.

Best Buy – Asking Amy

Amy Poehler rattles off questions to a Best Buy associate a la her Parks and Recreation character, Leslie Knope. It leaves us asking, why the hell is it called a “dongle” anyways?

Toyota – Wish Granted

While it’s inadvisable to be launched into space without a spare tire, the wishes in this commercial could have been a little better.. Talking animals over world peace? Okay then.

Doritos – Fashionista Daddy

What father hasn’t played “pretty, pretty princess” with his little girl? Daughters, when begging, pleading, and that look just isn’t enough, bribe the old man with some Cool Ranch… He’ll do just about anything for you.

Milk – Morning Run

The Rock is one of us! Waking up in the morning, finding no milk, he has to run through roughly a half dozen action scenes for cow juice. Just another typical day in The Rock’s life.

Taco Bell – Viva Young

Grandma and Grandpa are getting down to the Spanish version of fun.’s “We Are Young.” Old people like “fourth-meal” too!

Jeep – Whole Again

Oprah, a rousing soundtrack, and the thanks and best wishes to all of our American service men and women. While the rest of these commercials tend to be humorous, this one tugs at the heartstrings and makes you pause and reflect those serving overseas.

GoDaddy – Perfect Match

This commercial from internet website company GoDaddy probably takes the cake for “most disturbing” from Super Bowl XLVII. Good for you, Walter!


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