Zayn From 1D Got Caught Cheating! “No Pics, No Proof”

Zayn Malik seems like some what of an adorable idiot. He not only cheated on his girlfriend but he got caught red handed. A lot of people use the saying “no pics, no proof” but in this case pictures were taken and he was done for. According to The Sun, a waitress named Courtney who Zayn slept with, said the whole experience was amazing, until the end…

He brought her to his place after a party and she described the 20 year old’s home as looking like a kid’s playroom. “He had remote control cars and skateboards floating around the house to play with. ” Also saying, “There was a Star Wars’ mask… and there was a life-size Kung Fu Panda under his stairs. It was a fun house.”

Then finally came the sex which she said was amazing but Zayn wasn’t too pretty afterwards! “Zayn made me feel special… but after sex he just said, ‘Put your clothes on, I’ll get you a taxi.'” Before he kicked her out she snapped some pictures of him laying in bed asleep! She’s a smart cookie! Poor Perri Edwards, Zayn’s girlfriend now has to deal with all this mess. I guess it’s inevitable when you’re dating a pop star!



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