Boston Reacts to Chris Brown and Rick Ross Incidents on Twitter

Matt Dolloff / 103.3 AMP Radio

R&B’s biggest hothead Chris Brown is at it again with erratic, violent behavior after another reported brawl with another high-profile star, this time multiple GRAMMY nominee Frank Ocean. Across the country on the east coast in Florida, Rick Ross fell victim to an apparent drive-by shooting – but fortunately no one was shot.

Brown is already being investigated for assault after apparently fighting Ocean outside a Los Angeles-area recording studio. It won’t help Brown’s case that Ocean quickly tweeted he was “jumped” in the incident.

Both incidents have brought a variety of reactions and responses from Boston-area fans on Twitter. The response to the Brown – Ocean incident was mostly anti-Brown, which should be expected given the singer’s checkered history with fighting and general violence toward others. Even if it wasn’t entirely his fault, it’s reasonable to assume he started the ruckus.

Many Tweeters (like the three below) want Brown to just go away.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Rick Ross was driving his Rolls Royce when another car pulled up next to it and fired around 20 shots. Neither he nor the other man in the car were hit or seriously injured, but he did crash the car soon after the shooting took place.

Since Ross and his passenger not only survived, but didn’t get hit by a single bullet in the incident, tweeters found it appropriate to joke about Ross’ massive girth and how it somehow dodged 20 bullets.

Others, however, believe the incident may have been staged as some sort of publicity stunt. It is very strange that they didn’t get hurt at all, which at best makes it something of a miracle.

What are your thoughts on these two incidents that happened within hours of each other? Is there any chance at all Chris Brown wasn’t at fault for the fight with Frank Ocean? Is Rick Ross faking shootings to build some kind of perverse street cred? Share your opinions in the comments.

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