U Review It: Ellie Goulding at the House of Blues

Andrew Celani -- 103.3 AMP Radio

Ellie Goulding is touring North America in support of her newest album Halcyon (released October 2012), and it included a stop at the House of Blues Wednesday night.

Judging by the reactions we’re seeing on Twitter, the show was nothing short of spectacular. Anyone can write a concert review, but it’s quite different when multiple concertgoers are the ones doing the reviewing. That’s what we do here at AMP, in a piece we like to call U Review It.

Some of the most words used to describe her performance were “amazing,” “fabulous” and “perfect” — even rendering some speechless after the fact.

Our own Joe Breezy was in attendance as well!

During the show women in the audience started throwing their bras onstage, much to the confusion of Ellie. It sure generated quite a few laughs on Twitter.

In summary, you could say there wasn’t any place in Boston to be last night other than the House of Blues.

Were you at the show? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

Andrew Celani — 103.3 AMP Radio

Ellie Goulding on AMP:


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