Olly Murs: Boston’s My “First Day Back At Work.”

Tim Staskiewicz / 103.3 AMP Radio

Rising pop star Olly Murs, fresh off enjoying some much deserved time off down in the Caribbean, is ready to get back in the groove.

“It’s been pretty crazy. It’s my first day back at work,” Olly told 103.3 AMP Radio’s Joe Breezy backstage. “I’ve been sort of crazy, the fans have been turning up really lovely.”

Olly had the honor of kicking off 103.3 AMP Radio’s new AMP All Access performance series at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Boston on Monday afternoon.

“I kinda just go with the flow. I’m always excited about performing. When I come to America it’s been more exciting. I never know what to expect,” Olly said of the performance. “It’s great to come to Boston, I didn’t know there’d be this much support.”

AMP ALL ACCESS PHOTOS: Backstage Meet & Greet with Olly Murs

Having been on tour with One Direction the last time he was in the States, this time around, Olly has realized he’s become much more familiar to the One Direction fan base. In fact, he’s begun to cultivate an American following of his own.

“It’s been nice. Since doing the [One Direction] tour, I’ve sort of seen the benefits of it,” Olly told Breezy in his dressing room at the Hard Rock Boston.

Olly Murs is back now solo, promoting his new album Right Place Right Time in the United States before heading back to the U.K. in February and March for an arena tour. His single, Troublemaker featuring Flo Rida is playing on AMP Radio now.

VIDEO: Word Association with Olly

Breezy felt it might be a good time to get to know Olly a little better, and what better way than to play a little word association. Check out what Olly thinks of Boston, the X Factor, Kim Kardashian, Snooki, and more. Plus, he tells us a little about his current drink of choice.

Olly Murs on AMP:

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