Black Friday Adventures!

156662148 Black Friday Adventures!Are you ready to shop til you drop? Just be careful because people get to be crazy and turn into animals! My plan? I’m eating today, passing out then waiting in line to get myself a new IPAD! Holla to that! My friend and I have a crazy story about the last time we went to a Black Friday event… it involved a bar, old ladies and a lot of running!

Last year on Black Friday my girl and I went out for some drinks and she was beyond gone… it was like an episode of Jersey Shore, I was Jwow and she was Deena… having a “meatball” night. I dragged her home and she then passed out for about 2 hours. Time was running out it was almost 9 o’clock and we weren’t even in line yet!!!! She finally woke up and with all her make up everywhere she looked like a clown… what a mess.

We finally got to the store and I wanted new clothes… I needed new clothes… I looked like my grandma dressed me with all the old clothes I owned. The line was around the building already with hundreds of people. My girl wanted to go back to the bar and boy did I wanna kill her by then! I made her stay and we waited… The people you see at these events are pretty hilarious… A lot of different kinds of people. The moms, the dads, the kids wanting their video games, the teens wanting the latest smartphones… and me, all I wanted was clothes hahaha.

My girl was yelling at me, “Corinne, seriously I’ll just buy you new clothes tomorrow… it’s so cold, lets go.” We only had 30 minutes left til the doors open, I wasn’t going anywhere!

“5, 4, 3, 2 ,1!” DOORS OPEN!

We legit ran… people were so rude, but then again so were we hahaha. Everyone knew what they wanted and that was their mission. My girl trips, of course and I couldn’t help but laugh because even when she’s not drinking she falls and acts like a goof. I didn’t have time to really try things on because people were everywhere! I finally grabbed some clothes and legit a lady grabbed one of my shirts out of my basket. Luckily I had my girl with me because she is feisty. She looked at the woman and picked MY shirt up out of the woman’s carriage and said, “I think this was ours.”

Long story short, I got what I wanted… but this year I’m going prepared with a helmet, a big coat, and of course my girl to help me beat the old ladies! Believe me they are scary with their whipping purses!

Well, have fun and be safe tonight! If you drink, don’t drive and also don’t sleep before you go shopping, because you may not wake up! Wouldn’t wanna miss the crazy people running you over! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday!

Comment later and tell me what you did for Black Friday and about how crazy it was! 🙂


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