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I have seen every Twilight movie and I have fell in love with all of them. I believe if you truly have experienced deep passionate love, you can connect with the movie more than others.

I went to see the movie on Sunday and I actually went with my ex! Yes, my ex… I’m crazy 😉 I’ve been dying to see it and I was hoping this movie would show him love does exist.. right? Or is it just a movie thing? wah.

Anyways,  the beginning of the movie showed the baby of Bella and Edward. Because Bella was a new vampire she could only be near vampires and couldn’t go near her own baby. Oh ya.. and by the way, Jacob imprinted on the baby, creepy… I know… The movie got hot and extremely romantic when Edward and Bella finally connected on screen together showing they now were “one” and both vampires together, “forever”.

Their child was growing fast which was odd and also her name I found was very different. Her name was Renesmee and it was Edward’s mother’s name (Esme) and Bella’s mother’s names (Rene) combined. Renesmee wasn’t immortal but she was half vampire half human because Bella had her as a human which is why Bella couldn’t go near her when she first became a vampire… she could have killed her own baby!

Okay, long story short the bad vampires (The Volturi) wanted to kill Renesmee because they thought she was immortal which is illegal and could put the vampires at risk… Edward and his family got together their vampire friends and were ready to fight The Volturi. When the day comes, Alice (Edward’s sister) let the vampire in charge of The Volturi  see the future before they fought. At that moment everything changed. GO SEE IT! I WON’T TELL THE ENDING!

It was thrilling, romantic and a great ending to the Twilight series! Oh and did the movie help my ex and I’s feelings for each other… sort of… I think we will need more than Twilight to get us back together!

Breaking News: Robert and Kristen are back on! A source told ‘Us Weekly’ “They’re comfortable, almost as if no scandal had occurred.”


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