Tim Staskiewicz / CBS Radio Boston

The microwavable frozen entry that is usually associated with burning the roof of your mouth, instead burned some robbers on Sunday evening in the Mattapan section of Boston.

An alarm brought a custodian and the Boston Police to the Boston International High School on Maxwell Street around 5pm on Sunday. Boston Police report on their website that “numerous classroom windows [were] broken and several computers, chargers and cords stacked in a manner that would suggest the suspect(s) were planning to take them.”

The reason why these robbers didn’t get away with the goods? They were allegedly hungry. So hungry in fact, that police found two Hot Pockets in a microwave that was in the classroom where the crooks stacked the computers. According to cops, the Hot Pockets were still warm.

While the headmaster of the school reports that some MacBook Pro computers and a few LCD projectors were taken, had it not been for the growling stomachs of the thieves, much more could have been stolen.

Moral of this story, if you’re stupid enough to break and enter, make sure you do it on a full stomach.

Boston Police continue to investigate this crime.


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