10 Things We Learned From the MBTA Last Week

Matt Dolloff / 103.3 AMP Radio

In a brand-new weekly series on 1033ampradio.com, we examine the many crazy things we see on the MBTA all the time – and the life lessons we take from it.

Riding on MBTA trains and buses always brings it big-time with the headaches and annoyances just about every rider has come to expect these days. And even then, the T sometimes manages to out-do itself. That’s the type of stuff we’ll look at with “Things We Learned From The T” every Monday here at 103.3 AMP Radio.

A bit of good news for the MBTA is their newly launched Commuter Rail ticket app, which seems to be a hit with smartphone users so far.

The T also introduced a new GM and announced they will bus passengers going between Harvard and Alewife until Dec. 9 due to – surprise! – maintenance.

But more importantly, here’s the things we learned from the T last week…

The recent fare hikes by the MBTA must have been to clean up the rampant graffiti on the walls…

snake and rat graffiti on mbta 10 Things We Learned From the MBTA Last Week

Photo: @mmvk on Twitter/Instagram

Dogs and cats aren’t the only pets worth taking for a ride on the T…

If you need someone to retrieve your smartphone after dropping it on the train tracks…Just ask.

The MBTA typically fixes leaks by placing a bucket in the perfect spot.

The bearded lady is one circus freak that apparently enjoys riding the T…

Not only is Dr. No from the first James Bond movie still alive, he takes his rides on the MBTA like most of us regular folk…

MBTA seats are underrated for comfort…If you’re passed out drunk at 10 in the morning.

The pigeon lady from “Home Alone 2” has officially invaded North Station.

Bacon is the best way to start anyone’s day…Even if it’s just the aroma.

And finally, hit up the T late at night to encounter these gems:

Did you learn anything from the T this past week? Sound off in the comments.


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