If you’re like us, you can’t stop asking “Who Booty is it?” Recently, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles caught up with Jonn Hart, who’s responsible for the question.  

The 23-year-old “Who Booty” singer has his mixtape done and is looking forward to dropping it sometime soon.  When it comes to his actual album, he doesn’t want to be considered just a rapper or R&B artist. Jonn even likes to act, and would like to pursue that in the future.

“I consider myself a hybrid artist. I’m not a rapper, I’m not all the way a R&B artist,” he said. “As far as my album, I’ll have some slow stuff, mid-tempo. I don’t know how far I’m going to go with dance tracks, but there will be some uptempo club stuff too.”

Jonn reminisced over his past jobs. In fact, he first worked a Foot Action back in high school.  That’s where his sneaker collection began.

“I have like over 100 pairs of shoes. I was in high school working at a shoe store. Every paycheck, I would be spending my paycheck right back on the shoes, but you know, you got the little discount.”

Times sure have changed for Jonn. Now stores are sending him the shoes. Jonn appreciates the change, though and finds his success very humbling. With “Who Booty” gaining success on the radio, he notices the change in the crowds.

“Man, the change is very humbling. I remember when it was just pushing independently and just performing for five people to now a few thousand people,” he said. “Just seeing the reaction, performing in places where people were still new, trying to get familiar with the song. To now, the whole audience is singing the words with you.”

-AJ Gordon, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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