Justin Bieber Pre Party

AMP Party Girl / 103.3 AMP Radio

Ok… maybe I didn’t marry Cody Simpson or Justin Bieber, but a girl can dream!

Hey it’s your Party Girl and I hope you had fun when we danced the night away in Boston for our Jusin Bieber Pre Party last Saturday! When I first arrived at The Harp and saw everyone with signs, their outfits and heard their screams I, myself screamed “OMG”! I knew from then on this would be a good time.

We celebrated the night with the Amptourage by singing and dancing to our favorite Bieber songs and Amp music! Dancing on top of the AMP truck let me tell you wasn’t easy but I looked good right ;)?

Many waited in line to meet Cody Simspon and the rest of you showed me your dance moves to win the last wrist band to meet Cody! It was hard to pick who was the “best dancer” because you all were pros but one girl caught my eye. She was funny doing the chicken dance, the hippie peace signs and the robot. Sick moves girlfraandd!

Once Cody arrived, everyone including me were freaking out! I’m sure people from the North End could hear us scream because our man Cody was in the building! I have to say, he is a nice guy and of course lets be real… he is gorgeous! I was gonna ask him to put a ring on it but I didn’t wanna scare him, plus I don’t even think he is 18 years old yet hehehe.

After we all met Cody, he preformed live for us. Girls were crying, screaming and singing… what was I doing? Well… I was imagining my life with Cody, on a private island and him singing to me… ya that’s about right. Then my boss tapped me on my shoulder to ask if I was alright.. “Ya I’m fine…” 😉 It was then time for the Bieber ticket giveaways!

We gave everyone three ways to win tickets to the Bieber concert happening that night! We first put out an enter to win box and there were three so everyone could put there names in! We then had the Boston’s Biggest Bieleber contest. A mother and daughter won wearing head to toe of Bieber and they looked awesome! The final way we gave away tickets was my personal favorite… two people had to rap the Big Sean part of the Justin Bieber’s song ‘As Long As You Love Me’. Hilarious! They were cray cray!

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To sum it up, I had an amazing time partying with you all. You rocked it! The only downfall of the night though… I didn’t get to marry Cody Simpson or Justin Bieber… at least they are both single now! hehehehe!


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