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Well…that was quick! All signs point to a budding relationship between Taylor Swift and British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, seemingly right after her breakup with Conor Kennedy.

A report from Wetpaint points to a number of different pieces of evidence to confirm the rumor, whether or not it’s true has yet to be determined. However, the two will be spending plenty of time together with Ed opening up for Taylor on her 7-month Red tour.

For one, Taylor and Ed both wrote the uber-romantic single “Everything Has Changed” for Taylor’s New album Red. In the first verse of the song, T-Swift sings to someone with freckles and green eyes. Okay, so Ed has blue eyes not green, but he does have freckles!

Also, Sheeran recently got a “Red” tattoo on his left bicep. Tattoos are permanent, so it’s quite obvious that no matter what their relationship status is at this current juncture, T-Swift has left an indelible mark on Sheeran’s life and career — whether or not that means BF/GF remains to be seen.

Let the songwriting begin!

Andrew Celani — AMP 103.3

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