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We’re always talking about it, wondering how and when it will happen, and doing little to prepare for it. A zombie apocalypse is one of the biggest topics on the Internet year-round, not just on Halloween. It could ultimately be what ends the human race…That is, if you even believe that zombies are possible.

Let’s just say it is possible that one day, some crazy disease comes along that turns one or more people into zombies who attack humans and turn them into zombies and then exponentially create an army of zombies that ultimately turns the world into a real-life episode of The Walking Dead. There would then be plenty of things humans need to know in order to understand – and survive – the zombie apocalypse.

Many people from Boston have some interesting questions, now that Halloween is upon us. We’ll try our best to answer them.


Valid question. No reason a zombie should be getting any kind of aid from a human medic. Which can only mean the zombies are taking time out of lumbering around and eating brains to repair each other, which makes them that much more terrifying.


Sure they do. You can poop brains, too.


Well their secret is not having a normally functioning mind. You don’t need to worry about saving your breath or watching your weight when you’re not thinking about anything but eating humans.


Well you’d need some real zombies for that. Once the apocalypse happens, go nuts.


The ones who previously needed glasses still need them. They just end up walking into walls and off cliffs.


They definitely don’t need air, so we can assume they’d just sink to the floor and keep walking.


This is one of the most overlooked aspects of the zombie dating community. They all have the exact same interests so it’s impossible not to fall in love. Except if you’re a human and you want to date a zombie, just remember there’s no turning back from that. Just zombies from there on out.


That’s not sad at all. You’ll thank yourself for your location scouting when you’re barricaded in your house of choice fending them off.


No preferential treatment here, gotta run. A zombie is a zombie, booty or no booty.


If it is, let’s just hope we’re prepared…


They don’t feel pain or emotions, so why would they feel fatigue? You’re better off blowing their head off with a shotgun than questioning their strength.


It would need to literally be the new Ice Age. Because they don’t feel coldness or heat. If anything about the zombie apocalypse were easy we wouldn’t be thinking about it, would we?


If your sources are correct…Then Boston is screwed.

Do you have any important zombie questions that need answering?


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