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VIRAL FACEBOOK POST FOR PARENTS!Do you have your 10 year old pay rent? Have you explained bills to your child? Well welcome to the real world kiddos! READ WHAT THIS MAMA IS DOING! #HOTMESSEXPRESS
Loren's LoDown: Kendrick Lamar to Perform at Grammys?Kendrick Lamar reportedly performing at the Grammys, Camila Cabello has a new man and Ann Curry confirms sexual harassment at NBC.
Halsey Performs "Bad At Love" & "Him & I" On SNLCheck out her performances here.
THE HOT MESS EXPRESS PODCAST 1/16/18The TJ Show came up with a new segment for Corinne's show... Corinne's concerned her boyfriend thinks she's a murderer... Dad needs to use his own tip... Producer Nick always has his phone on mute, what about you? #HOTMESSEXPRESS
TJ's Podcast Tuesday 1/16/18: Charlee Wants a Boobie CostumeTantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, MLK Day, TJ's Street Match game, TJ named-dropped Producer Matt, Kenny's vacation embarrassment, Therapy with Judah, Loren's weekend recap and Corinne might be a murderer.
Post Malone Was Petrified On Ghost Adventures!People are saying they need more of "Ghost Malone."
Loren's LoDown 1/16/18: Offset Gets Cardi B Neck TattooOffset gets Cardi B neck tattoo, Lifetime is bringing the royal wedding to TV and New Hampshire is warning Taylor Swift about her 58-year-old "boyfriend."
THE HOT MESS EXPRESS PODCAST 1/12/18The TJ Show talks about Corinne's parents uh oh... Corinne's concerned because she is always getting lost when driving... Corinne asks her boyfriend Ryan how he has liked living with her so far... Dad's tip with a jingle... A psychic thinks Corinne's new place is definitely haunted but not by just ONE ghost...
TJ's Podcast Friday 1/12/18: Charlee Ate GumCorinne's dad is upset over chicken fingers, Edgar is back on the air, Charlee ate gum, Loren is going to DC this weekend, listener Maria calls the show, TJ's Street Match game, listener calls and Loren accuses strangers of farting.
Loren's Badass Chick: Talia MangoLoren highlights this week's Badass Chick, Talia Mango: a Boston Marathon runner raising money for people with multiple disabilities.
THE HOT MESS EXPRESS PODCAST 1/11/18Corinne's concerned about her bf sleep walking and talking... Corinne's Dad has a tip for the husbands out there... The Celtics players speaking in English accents... Margot Robbie on Ellen's Show #HotMessExpress
TJ's Podcast Thursday 1/11/18: Returning Super Old ItemsReturning ridiculously old items, TJ's Street Match game, wishing Zyna a happy birthday, Robot Pop Stars game and Carter takes on the school district.

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