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Loren's Badass Chick: Melissa Hathaway
THE HOT MESS EXPRESS PODCAST 2/22/18TJ lets Corinne take over the show... Corinne's concerned about engagement... Roommate Ryan doesn't know how to do laundry... Dad thinks we should take care of the elderly. #HOTMESSEXPRESS
TJ's Podcast Thursday 2/22/18: TJ's Car InterviewTJ's Street Match game, TJ's friend's dog ate weed and TJ interviews his wife Jess in the car.
THE HOT MESS EXPRESS PODCAST 2/21/18The TJ Show talks to Corinne about her new big hosting gig at Hurricane's at the Garden! Corinne's concerned people are too nuts on the roads... Dad's tip is about what NOT to put in a microwave... Roommate Ryan can't do laundry... #HOTMESSEXPRESS
Loren's LoDown 2/22/18: Ed Sheeran Clarifies Wedding BandEd Sheeran clarifies his wedding band, Kristen Bell is narrating a baby panda documentary and AGT is renewed for a 13th season.
Loren's LoDown 2/21/18: Celebs Donate to March for Our LivesOprah, George, Amal and other celebs donate to March for Our Lives, Bill Gates is guest-starring on the Big Bang Theory and more Oscars presenters are announced.
TJ's Podcast Wednesday 2/21/18: Sleazy SalespeopleTJ's Street Match game, sleazy salespeople, Producer Matt's baby talk, TJ got free cookies and Corinne tried a new face mask.
THE HOT MESS EXPRESS PODCAST 2/20/18Corinne's boyfriend's money was stolen... TJ finally doesn't pay off a listener for saying they love Corinne... Corinne's concerned about Producer Nick's choice of friends... Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber at a wedding... Dad's tip about recycling. #HOTMESSEXPRESS
TJ's Podcast Tuesday 2/20/18: Tantrum Tuesday with Charlee JaneTantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, TJ's Street Match game, listener calls, a listener saw TJ at the grocery store, Corinne's boyfriend's money was stolen, Final Draft stops by and Therapy with Judah.
Loren's LoDown 2/20/18: Is Ed Sheeran Married?Ed Sheeran might be married, Fergie responds to Black Panther criticism and Ryan Reynolds schools an Instagram troll.
TJ's Podcast 2/16/18: Producer Matt had a Near-MissProducer Matt almost died, TJ hates Hatchimals, TJ's Street Match game and National Random Acts of Kindness Day.
Loren's LoDown 2/16/18: Beyonce & Elton John to Team Up for Lion King?Beyonce and Elton John might be teaming up for the Lion King, Toy Story Land is opening in June and the Oscars presenters have been announced.

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